personal pictures of Emma Stone and Chelsea Staub

i've done some "spy" work and found some personal pictures of Emma (Emily) Stone (Superbad, House Bunny) and Chelsea Staub (once dated joe jonas, also is/was on that failed jobro disney channel show. is that even on tv still? she is also dating my friends band mate from The Summer Set).

they are both friends of a friend of mine from here in arizona. Most of these come from the Phoenix Valley Youth Theatre Alumni Concert thing.

I also tagged them with ONTD because i thought i should?

young emma in the middle

and then i guess they re-created the picture recently?

emma on the right

emma in the middle, chelsea curly blonde, 5th from the left. production of school house rock at vyt.

chelsea and some gleeks

chelsea doing something. my attention is mostly on the bald man playing piano. IS THAT YOU CHRIS DAUGHTRY??

This kids fivehead is starting to freak me out

chelsea and fivehead

they must be questioning his sexuality?

i guess jordin sparks was there too


source: facebook / csi skills