Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer are dating!

Later, Gaiman, 48, reads his disturbing comic piece about a man who works as a living statue in a city square, and stalks a young woman he admires from afar, eventually waiting for her in total stillness in the dark of her apartment. The tale was inspired by the living statues Gaiman saw in Krakow, Poland. "I was fascinated by them," he explains. "I wondered who they fell in love with."
But the story doesn't end there. It turns out that Palmer, 33, spent five years of her life working as a living statue in Harvard Square! It's as if these two eccentric artists were ordained to meet. They have so much in common, it's no wonder they're actually dating -- a fact they proudly announced onstage during the show.

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eta: Since a lot of people are confused about Neil's marital status, here's a link to his blog where he addresses his divorce from ex-wife Mary.