Critics not loving Hilary Duff's new movie- What Goes Up

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The 21-year-old actress has been busting her butt in recent years in attempt to shed her teen queen image and it appears her efforts have been in vain.

Her latest indie flick, What Goes Up, is an R-rated tale about a reporter (British comic actor Steve Coogan) who’s sent to cover the Challenger Space Shuttle launch of the 80s only to become mixed up in the lives of some local students. But based to new reviews, Hilary might be better off trying to recapture her Lizzie McGuire days.

Some highlights:

New York Times: “Although the performances don’t stick (Ms. Duff makes no sense in her role), the antagonism that comes to a boil between Campbell and Tess gives the film some bristling tension. Mr. Coogan doesn’t seem altogether comfortable with his part, which, like the story, undergoes a number of unconvincing changes. And it’s painful to watch him try to feign interest in Ms. Duff, miscast as a misfit object of desire.”

New York Daily News: “Glatzer’s self-consciously quirky indie is misguided on every level, beginning with his decision to set the film in 1986 so he could use the impending Challenger shuttle disaster as a source of dramatic tension.”

Los Angeles Times: “After losing three consecutive worst actress bids at the Razzie Awards, it looks like Hilary Duff has a real shot at taking home that honor this year for her performance in What Goes Up.”

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