Phil Spector Blogging From Prison

Jailed music legend Phil Spector has posted a string of astonishing internet blogs before and after being sentenced to 19 years for murder. The producer, who has been allowed to keep a laptop computer and iPod in his cell at Los Angeles County Jail, has been rattling off revealing messages via the chat site Twitter.

In them, Spector, 69, who was convicted by a retrial jury last month for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson, tells how:

The authorities took his wig;

He has befriended a cockroach – “I’m naming him Wilson” – and is playing air chess with him;

His “wall of sound” music style is comparable to the artistic works of Leonardo Da Vinci;

He is “dysfunctional by choice and I love my attitude problem”;

He refuses to be depressed, calling it a “wasted emotion,” like pity;

He has an “itch” in his head that is driving him “crazy” and medication he has been ordered to take is “taking its toll”.

Spector was secretly escorted from jail last Wednesday to UCLA Medical Centre in Beverly Hills for the two-hour operation. It is not known if the polyps were malignant or in a pre-cancerous state. His ­special privileges at LA County Jail are not uncommon, especially for celebrity inmates, but they will almost certainly not be as generous when he is placed in a long-term prison in the next few weeks after medical and psychological screening. However, he will be able to carry on blogging. America’s Federal Bureau of Prisons announced earlier this year that its estimated 2,450,000 inmates will all have access to email by 2011.


I don't really believe that it's him, but see for yourself: