British parents want to name their kids after Ashton& Keira..

Ashton and Keira are the celebrity names that most British parents choose for their children, according to a study.

Debra Chatfield at, which carried out the study, revealed that the research team analysed birth records, and found Brits to be using a lot of celebrity names.

The study showed that the names of actors Ashton Kutcher and Keira Knightley were most popular among Brit parents, followed by Jude after Jude Law.

Parents were also found to be inspired by “wackier” names – five babies were named Mowgli, like singer Ashlee Simpson’s son and the Jungle Book.

Chatfield revealed that name choices were also found to be affected by reputations, for there was a fall in the number of Britneys.

“Brits are using a plethora of celebrity-inspired names,” the Daily Express quoted Chatfield as saying.

this is kind of a dumb article, but made me lol..i mean if i ever had a daughter i would totally use the name keira, i love that name


what would you name your kids, ONTD?