Wrestler Matt Striker's penis? (faceless + peen = ?)

From the source: It says “GM presents Matt Striker” because these are his pictures and he doesn’t want anyone else claiming them.Please don’t ask me how he got them. He is not willing to share that information and they weren’t leaked online.

A little tease just in case you aren't ready for it...


Former school teacher turned WWE wrestler Matt Striker (possibly) has some nude photos that were self-shot and feature his pen15.

The 34-year-old who left the WWE brand to continue the man-on-man action with the ECW organization, used to be a social studies teacher at Benjamin N. Cardozo High School, in Queens, NY. [Ed. Note: Porn star Ron Jeremy is a Benjamin N. Cardozo alumnus]. He unceremoniously quit the school teacher gig after it was discovered that he tried to dupe the school into thinking he was “ill” while he was out wrestling.

From Wikipedia:
He resigned from his position as a teacher, however, when the school found out that he was using sick days as an excuse to keep up with his wrestling commitments. After recognizing Kaye appeared on an episode of WWE SmackDown!, someone reported him to the school board and it was discovered that he had been in Japan when he claimed to be sick. In a statement, Kaye said he didn’t realize sick days and personal days “were two entirely different things”.

I don’t have 100% validity that Striker is this person included in the photos, but feel free to chime in on this and let me know your thoughts.

I would have guessed it was gay porn guy (except for the blue eyes) (Link NSFW) Vince Ferelli

Source via Dlisted