Joe Jonas Calls Taylor Swift's Breakup Song "Flattering"

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Joe Jonas isn't angry at Taylor Swift for writing about their 2008 split.

In her song "Forever and Always," Swift, 19 -- who has claimed Jonas, 19, dumped her in a 27-second telephone call -- sings, "I stare at the phone and he hasn't called/You can't feel nothin' at all."

But Jonas (who is now dating actress Camilla Belle) tells June's Seventeen magazine that the tune gave him insight into their relationship.

"It's flattering,"
he says. "It's always nice to hear their side of the story."

Joe's brother, Nick, also recently made headlines for his relationship with an ex: Over the weekend, Miley Cyrus debunked rumors (via Twitter) that she wanted him back.

Nick, 16, tells Seventeen that "modesty is the key" when it comes to finding the perfect mate.

"It's more about her personality than the way that she dresses," he adds. "It's about who she is as a person and if she feels comfortable in her own skin. But you think that everyone has their own journey to maturity."


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