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Guess who I met on Sunday night! (good god i hope my cut works)


I went to the 100 monkeys concert Sunday night, and I stepped outside the theatre to make a phone call when BAM! I see taylor lautner, nikki reed and rpattz pass by me. I’m like NO FUCK NO, so I grab my friends and follow them. Nikki was walking with rob sharing a smoke when I asked rob to take a quick picture and he said yeah sure. He was really nice. Then some random girl (maybe one of their assistants) whisks rob away from our presence and tells us that “we gotta go”.

We’re like okay, but follow them anyways to the back of the theatre. After a while of waiting we see jackson followed by the whole cast (minus kellan lutz and peter facinelli, and elizabeth reaser) come out for a smoke break. The cast stayed to themselves, but jacksper, being the southern gentleman he is came up and talked to my friends as well as a group of women from Tennessee (wouldn’t be surprised if they were twi moms), and promised us he would come out and take pictures after the show After their little smoke break kstew taylor and I think nikki leave in a cab, while the rest stayed. Rpattz came out here and there for a smoke break and I asked for a second picture, because the first one was a fail on his behalf. He then said, “hey! I took a picture with you two already!” and I proceeded to say, “yeah! But you blinked” and he was like “oh, alright” then we take a much better second picture:

Rachelle lafevre aka Victoria came out to take some pictures. She was an absolute sweetheart. I told her her hair was fucking fierce and she laughed and said thanks:

Then the almighty jackson rathbone came out in all his confederate, mohawk glory to take pictures like he promised. I guess the word spread that he was taking pictures behind the theatre and a whole swarm of girls came from the theatre to take pictures with him. I wish I got a pic of his reaction.. it was clearly one of “oh shit”. But I managed to take quick picture. I had an ONTD sign for him to hold but it was in my purse back in the theatre :( :

LOL OF THE NIGHT: one of the daughters of the ladies from Tennessee asked rob if he can hold her like he held bella in the movie poster.. in which he responded with a “FUCK NO”. my friends and I were dying.. kudos rpattz.. kudos

ETA: ok so i've been reading around other sites and i guess i should have added this. his "FUCK NO" was said in a joking manner, he wasn't mad at the girl or anything. he laughed about it. that is all