Where Are They Now?: Troop Beverly Hills edition

Where Are They Now: the child stars of Troop Beverly Hills

Claire Sprantz (daughter of the romance novelist), played by Ami Foster
Where else you've seen her: played Margeaux on "Punky Brewster" (TV show AND cartoon), did the voice of Holly on "Pound Puppies"
Where is she now: married with a kid

Chica Barnfell (daughter of the dignitaries), played by Carla Gugino

Where is she now: in Race To Witch Mountain with Dwayne Johnson and AnnaSophia Robb, and nearly getting raped by Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Watchmen

Tessa DiBlasio (daughter of the film director), played by Heather Hopper
Where is she now: gave up acting to take care of daughter

Emily Coleman (daughter of the out-of-work actor), played by Kellie Martin

What else you've seen her in: she was Becca on "Life Goes On," played Roxanne in A Goofy Movie, did lots of TV movies
Where is she now: She took time off from acting on "ER" to finish her studies in art history at Yale. Currently married to Keith Christian and has a kid.

Tiffany Honigman (bargaining daughter of the plastic surgeon), played by Emily Schulman
Where else you've seen her: she was Harriet the neighbor girl on "Small Wonder"
Where is she now: Married with two kids; top commercial agent for adults at Acme Talent & Literary, where she has worked as an agent since 1995.

Jasmine Shakar (slick-talking daughter of the boxer), played by Tasha Scott
Where is she now: I wish I knew, imdb.com didn't have much info on her

Lily Marcigan (daughter of the dictator), played by Aquilina Soriano
Where is she now: last thing she was in was a documentary called Grassroots Rising

Hannah Nefler (troop leader Phyllis Nefler's daughter), played by Jenny Lewis

Where is she now: lead singer of indie band Rilo Kiley, released two solo albums; recently voiced a character in Disney's Bolt, showing Miley what she has to look forward to when "Hannah Montana" ends

The Red Feathers--Cleo (Velda's daughter), played by Dinah Lacey, and Jamie (her friend), played by Tori Spelling

Dinah--sorry, imdb.com didn't have squat on her

Tori--(the TRUE epitome of what one of the Troop Beverly Hills girls were...) currently not speaking with her mother Candy Spelling, coming back soon to the new incarnation of "Beverly Hills 90210"

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