Springsteen Victim In NJ Divorce Scandal - Insider

Bruce Springsteen born to run like hell ...from a female admirer!

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The married rock icon was recently named as the "other man" in a New Jersey couple's divorce, but a source close to Bruce claims the woman involved hounded The Boss for years!

"The wife pestered Bruce, but he didn't have an affair with her. He's freaked out that he was named in her divorce because he barely knows her," a music insider told The ENQUIRER.

"This is a classic case of someone taking advantage of Bruce just because he's famous."

Arthur J. Kelly of Red Bank, N.J., claimed in court papers that Ann Kelly, his wife of 17 years and the mother of their two children, had an affair with Springsteen and it ultimately destroyed their marriage.

Ann Kelly publicly denied the claim, and the Grammy-winning singer issued a statement that the story wasn't true. But the source maintains Ann Kelly avidly pursued the 59-year-old musician.

"When Bruce was a member at The Atlantic Club in Red Bank, this woman would manage to 'run into' him when he was working out and start chatting him up like they were old friends," said the insider.

"When Bruce moved to Gold's Gym in Long Branch, she suddenly began showing up there, as well."

Ann Kelly also pursued Springsteen at the Chapel Beach Club in Sea Bright, N.J., where he relaxed alone in a cabana during the summer, said the source.

"She seemed almost obsessed with Bruce," said the source. "I think Bruce was scared of her."


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