Lalaine: from "Lizzie" to the Big Screen

You might remember pretty, dark-haired Lalaine Vergara-Paras... known just by her first name Lalaine, for starring as best friend Miranda on the popular TV series "Lizzie McGuire" alongside Hilary Duff. When she was younger, Lalaine was in the TV version of the musical "Annie" and sang the part of young Cosette in "Les Miserables" on Broadway. She also played Chloe on two episodes of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". Now, in limited cities, you can catch the young actress portraying a high school girl who is facing a fierce female assassin from a kingdom in the Far East in the action film Royal Kill. In addition to her acting, Lalaine has created two albums, "Inside Story" and "Haunted" and hints that she's working on more music.

We like stories of young TV stars getting busted for meth making more grown-up transitions to film so we checked up on Lalaine to find out her future plans, what happened on set and what it was like for her growing up in the Philippines

TeenTelevision: In the new film Royal Kill, you play a high school girl who has no idea that she is royalty from a far kingdom. Is this sort of the kick butt version of The Princess Diaries?
Lalaine: Definitely not. It's more along the lines of a scary bedtime story thriller.

TeenTelevision: How did you get involved in the Royal Kill film? Did they see you on "Buffy"? Was that role similar at all?
Lalaine: The Director of the film was determined to contact me after seeing me on Disney Channel actually. Maybe he saw me on "Buffy" later, but it was seeing me on Disney that convinced him somehow I was right for this role. And thank goodness either way!

TeenTelevision: Did you do Martial Arts or stunt training for the role? If so, what was that like for you? Had you already done such training for "Buffy"?*
Lalaine: If anything I had more training on "Buffy" and that was basically nothing. It was Alex Wraith and Gail Kim's characters that had all the stunts and martial arts training. I just had to do a lot of running for the physical stuff, a whole lot of running.

TeenTelevision: Did anything scary or just funny happen on set that you can tell fans about?
Lalaine: Funny stuff happened every day. It was a dark film so we tried to make light of it any way we could in between work. Pat Morita aka Mr. Miyagi was comedy for us everyday, he liked to wear his cowboy boots on set.

TeenTelevision: What was it like growing up in the Philippines?
Lalaine: It was a very different experience, but a great learning experience. Living there taught me a lot about appreciation, especially for all the little things.

TeenTelevision: Was it amazing singing as Cosette in "Les Miserables" on Broadway?*
Lalaine: Of course. I did a lot of growing up on that tour.

TeenTelevision: You were on the "Lizzie McGuire" TV show as her BFF Miranda Sanchez. Are you still in contact with Hilary Duff? You both seem to be reaching now for more edgy, meaty roles in films.
Lalaine: Nah, I don't talk to Hilary at all really, but I do keep in touch with a lot of the other cast members.

TeenTelevision: How do you feel about your Disney Channel years?
Lalaine: I know Disney was a great training ground for performing and creativity. But I wanted to go on a different path in my career, so I made a choice.

TeenTelevision: What music are you into? Like what is now on your i-pod?*
Lalaine: I have a wide range of music on my i-pod. Hall and Oates, Neil Diamond, Elvis, Sam Sparro, Kanye West, R. Kelly, and Rick James just to name a few.

TeenTelevision: What is your idea of a terrific first date (what would you like to do?)
Lalaine: Watching Bob Ross and enjoying each other's conversation over some champagne, since I am now of the legal age to do so.

TeenTelevision: What must a guy NEVER do if he wants to be your man?*TeenTelevision: That's so funny! What would you like to say to the original fans of the "Lizzie" show about checking you out on film now? Both you and they have grown up a bit since then.
Lalaine: You've always been good to me and I'm lucky to be something thanks to all of you!! Thanks for being patient with me and hopefully I won't disappoint....!


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