Amber Rose Calls Kanye A Nympho & Says She’s Over Him?!

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Sounds like the Kamber show will be ending way sooner than we thought. Kanye’s latest upgraded video vixen armpiece Amber Rose is allegedly counting the days till she tells ‘Ye it’s a wrap. Amber was home in Philly all last week while Kanye kicked it in Hawaii to do some recording. But Amber’s “friend” who spent most of last week with her tells us that Amber is over Kanye’s suffocating stalker ways. Amber kicked it with her girlfriend Trevon all week and was constantly being blown up by Kanye asking where she was and what she was doing. Amber was overheard telling Trevon this whole publicity stunt relationship would only last a little while longer. And she’s only doing it to stack a bit more paper and do a few more magazine and get a bit more publicity. And I’m sure it doesn’t help that Amber allegedly thinks Mr. Louis Vuitton Don is a nympho and hates the sex.

Apparently Amber’s been telling people that she hates Kanye’s ego and how controlling he is towards her. So it could never work between them and there is no connection between them besides money and her career. And the sex is awful…according to Amber. Our source tells us:

"…the whole week she complained about how turned off she was about Kanye and the only reason she is still with him is to stack up money for her and her ex-girlfriend to have a better life together and hopefully get her career on the rise. She said Kanye is a nympho when it comes to sex and she constantly feels like a big old ape is on her back when they have sex.

When I asked Amber what did she tell Kanye she was back in Philly for, she said she told him “she was visiting her family and friends”. Kanye was blowing up her phone and calling and texting her at least twice an hour trying to figure out what she was doing. I noticed because I saw her constantly looking at her phone and turning away in disgust saying “look at this shit” and then turning to her ex-girlfriend and telling her how much she loves her and not Kanye. And that she is doing this for them."

Are we really surprised by any of this? Meanwhile, Amber just left Monday night for Hawaii to be with Kanye. So apparently she’s serious about her mission to stack her paper before giving ‘Ye the deuces. I have a feeling Kanye knows exactly what’s really hood and won’t be played for the fool. I just have a hunch….