Actors And Their Sad History of Tiny Paydays

Lindsay might be selling herself on the Italian market to pay the bills these days, but plenty of celebrities don't wait until they are famous before showing up in commercials.

Michael Emerson
(-12:00 time mark)
Most people know Emerson as the shadowy Ben from ABC's Lost, but this 1992 educational video for the Federal Bureau of Prisons reveals that America's favorite anti-hero once did hard time. Makes sense.

LOL. Oh Ben.

Hugh Laurie
Sure, everyone knows about Blackadder, Jeeves and Wooster, and A Little Bit of Fry and Laurie, but what about House M.D.'s lesser-known hits? This Young Ones-esque Polaroid commercial from the 80s is what Gregory House had to do to pay the med school bills, apparently.

Brad Pitt
Look, there are worse things in life than shilling for Pringles. Like the coif that Brad is sporting in this early video appearance. ::Shudder:

George Clooney
Before being the resident sexy-chinned doctor on ER, Mr. Clooney was making Japanese car commercials. Which is funny, because usually the overseas product selling doesn't happen until after you're already famous. (See: Leo, Arnold.)

Paul Rudd
I'm convinced Paul Rudd is a warlock who never ages. And thanks to this 90s French Super Nintendo commercial, I finally have proof.