ONTD on iPhone/iTouch :)

Updated with new version, 07/03/09.

I was reading through the Lady GaGa iPhone application post, and someone suggested an ONTD application. It sounded fun and I'm always looking for reasons to procrastinate, so I made one. I don't know C++ and shit, and LJ has some limitations, so it's just a webapp, but it works practically like a proper one.

Hope someone finds it useful. I know my iPhone crashes constantly when loading huge websites, so this is gonna help.


Step 1: Go to http://misc.inexistent.org/ontd/ in Safari on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Click the + icon in the middle at the bottom. Choose "Add to Home Screen".

Yeah, that's it.


Limitations: You can only see the last 25 entries posted. This isn't my fault, it's LJ's, srsly. But you can go a little further back in time if you check out a specific tag. Plus, in order to save my server it only looks for new entries every 10 minutes, so there might be a slight delay in new posts sometimes, sorry!

Blackberry users: It should work okay for you too. Just open http://misc.inexistent.org/ontd/bb.php on your BB. And turn off the pictures by clicking "edit" in the top right.

Update 02/26/09: Updated with more settings, added pictures, ajaxified and applified. Remove your icon and re-add it to see all changes.

Update 07/03/09: Redesign, yay.

Update 03/10/10: After 4 months of downtime I finally remembered to get this thing fixed. Sorry about that, it shouldn't happen again.

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