Not only annoying but also CREEPY AS FUCK.

While bigger stars will look right past Ryan Seacrest and pretend he doesn't exist (true story!), leave it to the always annoyingly campy Katy Perry to have props in her purse specifically for a pre-red carpet Ryan gab fest. She probably brain stormed a bunch of skits and practiced in front of the mirror before leaving her house.

After a snarky introduction, Katy baited him with: "Don't you want to know what's in my purse?" While Ryan played coy and pretended to not be interested in such things, he finally said sure, why not, and was greeted with two cut strands of hair -- one from Miley Cyrus, and another from Taylor Swift. Get it? Like she's doing voodoo witchcraft on her tween competition!

Wow, this girl is just so crafty! We imagine she sits at home with her cats, glitter and glue gun and makes really terrible paper-mâché, trinkets and earrings out of condom wrappers or something. She just seems like that type.

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