Ashley Peldon, a white female rapper.

Rising rapstar Ashley Peldon is about to explode onto the music scene. Some may look at her and think she'd be one of your average popstar divas, but she is a lot different from that! She's recorded her very own RAP album. She has a lot to rap about, being a 17 year
old lady herself. She comments on her lastest album titled "You aint got shit on me". When asked what her album is about, she politely says "This album is about me, and my experiences as a teenager. A lot of it is pretty explicit, but that's my life. I do not live a boring, dull life. My life involves normal teenage sex, drugs, and heartbreaks.Would I recommend my album to young children? No. But teenagers, of course! I think they can relate to my songs and I really dug deep into my heart while writing all 26 of them."
Ashley Peldon may or may not know what she's talking about, but we all know that she is indeed a very beautiful and talented young lady that is going places in her life. Expect to hear her new single "Hard is how i like it" this september.