Rocco Dispirito - The Perfect Penis

Let us take a moment to explore the world of celebrity chefs. Rocco Dispirito catches a lot of flack for a variety of reasons. Some of it is deserving, some of it not so much. But according to Whitney Casey, the one thing that Rocco should never catch flack for is his, um, penis. The columnist, author and former TV personality told Howard Stern that:

Rocco Dispirito was the best lay she ever had. She also claims that he had a perfect penis. Howard asked what that means. Whitney said that he looks like the statue David. Howard said that statue has a small dick. She said that he's a good looking dude from head to toe and his penis was like a Viagra version of the statue of David.

That's definitely TMI for a person who is cooking our food, or at least used to. Now we know why Rocco is in no hurry to open another restaurant.