Busty Hearts Is Making America Proud

Busty Hearts, the hot bitch who should have won America's Got Talent, took her chichis of mass destruction overseas to demonstrate her skills on a Spanish TV show. Now TMZ says one of Busty's tracks came out of her head while she was pounding melons, but I didn't see that shit. I get off seeing weaves pieces try to escape, so I watched it over and over again to see the exact moment, but it never came for me. Maybe because I was too busy trying to comfort my crying nipples.

And Busy still doesn't have shit on Aretha Franklin. Aretha can break a bowling ball in two just by flashing her CHICHIS (so big you gotta use all caps) at it.

source (dlisted)

Uh, I'd be afraid of busting those things.  Apparently, she was a contestant on NBC's "America's Got Talent" (lol) and has appeared on other television shows crushing all kinds of shit with her boobies.  Here she is on wiki.
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