What would Jim Morrison have looked like today...?


Scientists have revealed what late Doors frontman Jim Morrison would look like if he were still alive today as a pensioner.

Morrison died prematurely of a heart attack in Paris on 3 July 1971, aged 27.

Had he lived he would have been celebrating his 65th birthday on Monday.

St Andrews University researchers used special computer software to produce the ageing likeness of the rock star.

The singer and poet would be the same age as rock contemporary Mick Jagger if he had lived.

Morrison's former bandmates Ray Manzarek and Robbie Kreiger will celebrate the milestone at West Hollywood eaterie Barney's Beanery, one of Morrison's favourite hangouts in the 60s.

The researchers from the university's Perception Lab used 'ageing' software to reproduce the natural effects of aging, taking into account changes in skin texture, hairline and hair colour.

They used an image of Morrison aged in his mid 20s as a starting point.

Jim Morrison in his 20s

The process of ageing was mimicked by changing the texture and shape of the original image to simulate the changes in the skin that would occur between the ages of 40 and 70.

The team have previously created aged images of Hollywood stars Marilyn Monroe and James Dean, who both suddenly died at a young age, and Elvis Presley and John Lennon at projected ages of 70 and 64 respectively.

The software could be used for assisting with missing person inquiries, particularly those who have been missing for many years and will look considerably different.


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