Amy Winehouse dead??? Not yet!

An artist is displaying in New York a statue in real size of the British singer Amy Winehouse fallen in the ground in a blood puddle, with a shot in the head. In the back, there’s a real size statue of the American writer William S. Borroughs with a rifle in his hand.

Ps: I’m sorry, I know this is poorly written, I translated it from Portuguese to English using Babel Fish.

The installation belongs to the italian artist Marco Perego and is called “The only good rock star is a dead rock star”. It is on sale for about US$ 100,000 and started to be displayed last week in the Half Gallery, New York. Perego explains that the artwork plays on an incident involving Borroughs. In 1951, the writer of "Beat Generation", known for its envolvement with drugs, supposedly killed his wife, Joan Vollmer, by an accident with a rifle shot in the head. In a party in Mexico, Borroughs was trying to imitate the famous scene of the medieval legend of William Tell, where he used a crossbow to shoot an apple on his son’s head.

The artwork also has a mask of Minnie Mouse next to the fallen body of Amy, that, according to the artist, is a reference to a YouTube video where the singer appears playing with a rat along with the musician and friend Pete Doherty. Perego affirms that the artwork is a "kind of a tribute" to rock stars like Amy Winehouse, that, according to him “are the sacrificial animals of society”. Amy, as well as Borroughs, is known for the use of drugs and alcohol. A spokesman of the singer said that the artwork displayed in New York is “funny”. “It’s a funny kind of tribute. The artist seems in thrall to a tabloid persona that is not the real Amy. People often use her image to sell their work", said the spokesman to the British periodical “The Times”.



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