Hello, prospective ONTD members! You're probably here because your application to join the community hasn't been accepted yet. Here are some possible reasons why:

- Your journal is new. If your journal was made in the past week or so, we're probably not going to let you in at this time. Don't worry, give it some time.

- You have a pretty much empty user info. No, this doesn't mean you need to put "_____ is love" banners in your user info. It means you have no friends, belong to no communities. Basically no signs of life.

- You have no stats. 0 posts. 0 comments posted. 0 comments received. Check out some other communities on Livejournal and try commenting around.

- Something else! The point of moderated membership is to curb trolls. If you look like a troll, we're probably not going to let you in.

We know some of you genuinely want to get into the community, so we're sorry if you get rejected. If you have tried joining and want to make your case, head over to apply2ontd for the next step. DO NOT MESSAGE ANY OF THE MODS WITH "WHY WAS I REJECTED?"  We get many messages, every day, and they will be ignored.