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We went to see Russell Brand's last stand up show in Los Angeles this past Sunday, November 9th at the Largo Theater. I had seen him the week before, but there weren't any celebrities there, and Russell didn't come out after to meet fans because the paparazzi were waiting outside. We didn't expect anything this week, but lo and behold...!


Flora and Susie with Jason Segel from "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"! He was really cool about taking pictures. Nice guy.


Rufus fucking Sewell!! How fierce is this motherfucker? He was incredibly nice and fine as hell irl. <3
L to R: Rita, Flora, Rufus!, Me, Susie

It ain't over:

Russell Brand! Probably the most charming guy I have EVER met. Seriously. He's so brilliantly hilarious, it hurts. Really nice and sexy as hell.
He humped my side and went "UMF UMF UMF" in my ear. :O That's why I look like that in this
last picture, or else I would have had a much fiercer pose. Not complaining though. :3

Oh but wait; best for last.

COLIN FIRTH!! He seemed kinda iffy when I first approached him, but I told him he was one of my all-time favorite actors and that he's brilliant. I then asked for a picture and he was like "Alright!" Best part was when right before we took the picture, he put his arm around me, looked at me, and went "'Ello!" and I was just like "omgomgomg Colin Firth" in my head. I thanked him and he said "You're welcome, Alena"; I died a little. He was sweet, looks even younger in person, and is just gorgeous.

Susie also spoke with Nicholas Hoult from Skins! We didn't get a picture because it was literally right before doors opened. :( But still, he is really cute and seemed nice from what I saw.

There were a couple more celebs we couldn't quite place, and didn't want to go up to them and look like idiots; We just let them be. What's pissing me off is that so many LA-based English actors were there BESIDES GARY OLDMAN. He needs to stop avoiding me. >:O

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