El Mariachi for Dalì

THIS IS NOT Billy Ray, dammit!

Movie heartthrob Antonio Banderas is set pick up a brush and easel and play Salvador Dali in a new biopic of the Spanish surrealist artist.

Con Air filmmaker Simon West is onboard to direct the movie - which will blend music with CGI to capture Dali's "inventiveness and colour", reports Daily Variety.

The newspaper claims Banderas is in "final negotiations" to play his compatriot, who died in 1989 at the age of 85.

The project, due to begin shooting in early 2009, is one of three Dali biopics in the works. Al Pacino will play him in Dali + I: The Surrealist Story, and Rob Pattinson will star in Little Ashes.

source: WENN @ Imdb

ngl, i'm biased because I adore Antonio since I was a kid and i'd like to see a good movie about Dalì with the right casting...oh look, a Spanish guy to play a Spanish genius! and personally I can picture him with Dalì's 'stache and crazy eyes..more than other *cough*arguable casting choices*couch*little ashes*cough*
Also...Pacino amd my bb Cillian better start to do something about this other movie because i've been dying to see this for a couple years, now