Britney gets back at the paparazzi now hosts weekly awards called The PapaRAZZIs that highlight the antics of obnoxious paps.

"Terrorizing Britney has unfortunately become a daily part of the paparazzi's lives. So, we've decided to start calling these maniacs out each week by awarding a PapaRAZZIE to the worst of the worst!

Each week we will be presenting an award to the most outrageous and ridiculous pap moment and you have to check out what we found this week. The guy who's shooting this video actually starts mooing at Mary Kate Olsen!"

The parts worth watching start at 1:55

"Silly photog ... little does he know that Mary Kate is paptose intolerant. Just like us.

Traci, Team Britney"

The second video features :

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