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Miley Cyrus "nervous wreck" over future photo leaks
teambritspears wrote in ohnotheydidnt

Disney slut Miley Cyrus has reportedly become 'a nervous wreck' after the FBI raided the home of hacker Josh Holly who hacked into her email account.

A source told the National Enquirer that Miley is terrified that more personal pictures and information will be made public despite the government's involvement.

"She used that email account on a daily basis to send [former boyfriend] Nick Jonas and several of her friends photos and letters.

There were several other accounts Miley used for emails, so she's not exactly sure what Holly gained access to, and that's what so deeply troubling to her. The whole thing is making Miley a nervous wreck."


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quite frankly, it serves her right.

yeah, no.
when you send pictures to your friends youre not expecting the world to see them


This is why you don't:
A) Take naughty pictures of yourself that would horrify you if anyone saw and
B) Post them on the internet (even by email)

Whenever I read the words "national enquirer" I stop reading articles :( Trufax.

But they've been so right about many things. I think it could be because they pay sources... I'm not sure, I'm just assuming. They seem like the type.

Weren't they first to report the Vanessa nude pics?

they have been right about so many things girl, don't even

hopefully this means she has more goodies for us, yet to be released.

is that prince harry in ur icon :|

i think there is a lesson in here miley

I thought this said "I think there's a lesbian in miley" and I was like "..WHAT.."

Disney Slut. Haha.

If you work for Disney, doesn't 'sluttiness' kind of come with the job? [see: B. Spears, C. Aguilera, J. Timberlake, L. Lohan, JONAS BROTHERS, etc]

PS I still love Britney, just sayin'

I never saw Xtina as slutty, just as someone who was trying too hard to push the enveleope. But yes, the rest are village bicycles.

Village bicycle!! haha. ilu for saying that.

lol really, you in denial bb. xtina - just the name.

I don't really get slutty vibes from Hilary Duff, but maybe I'm gullible.

It's so weird to think that people born in the 90's are having sex.


makes me feel old :( hahahaha

I was born in the late 80's, 87 to be exact.. and I find it weird to see 90's kids having sex.

Ooo man, that comment hurt =[
Lulz I was born in 1990 and I looove having lots of sex.

"I looove having lots of sex."

i love it ;)

I KNOW. I don't know why that is.

well some people born in 1990 are 18, hahaha.

As a 1990 kids, I agree.

I was teaching middle schoolers today and one of them was like " I was born in 94" and I was like WUT. I still think everyone was born in the 80s lol

I'm born in '89 and I feel like I don't belong anywhere.:(

IA. my senior year of high school i was a student teacher with a 4th grade class. now they're all in 9th grade and it just freaks me out.


I used to BABY-SIT these kids.

I don't even want to think about when I'll have children...

I agree! In my head, they're all still 10, tops.

Man that picture is horrible.


oh how i cherish those words.

i should be doing my hw btw.

lol ikr, Disney slut.


i should be doing laundry.

disney slut is the best thing ever
i wont even call her by her name anymore

me too bb I haven't been able to get myself to do homework D: D: D:

can't believe she's getting more and more coverage here (in france)...uh..
to those who are interested, she'll be on Le Grand Journal tomorrow night and on Star Academy friday night

GOD I KNOW I AM SO TIRED OF IT i thought i was safe here but no :(

huu i know how you feel
when i heard Michel Denisot saying her name, i was like "SHOOT. ME. NOW"

wtf not even the french are safe?!


...i figured the french had better taste than that.:O
she's taking over the world.

she'd only be nervous if she has more to hide.

that's what I was thinking...

cant wait to see what her newest gift to us will be

lol I saw the avenue q logo and I thought it was going to be 'the internet is for porn'

but this song makes sense too.

lol @ this little skanklet
i can't wait for the sex tape with her and billy ray some random guy

The sex tape of Gaston and Billy Ray >_>

throw in a goat or two since it's KIN-tucky

Guilty conscience much? Not like it matters, anyway. We all know she's a whore.

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