Tina Fey to grace the cover of Vanity Fair again

How much does Vanity Fair love Tina Fey? Back in April, the mag tapped Annie Leibovitz to shoot the comedian for its "Who Says Women Aren't Funny?" cover. (Christopher Hitchens said so, but no matter.) Since then, Fey has only gotten funnier! And hotter!

Sure, most people don't watch 30 Rock [Though they SHOULD. --Ed.], but her spot-on Sarah Palin impersonations have made Saturday Night Live relevant for the first time in years. Publishers are so convinced she's funny that they gave her $5 million for a single book, even though no one reads anymore! And now we hear Vanity Fair has gone and told Leibovitz to shoot Fey again for another cover.

"Fey was joking around about how she was scared to work with Leibovitz alone this time," says a source. (Sarah Silverman and Amy Poehler joined Fey on the April cover.) It's not clear what issue she's being shot for, although we'd have to assume it's December: Has anyone had a bigger 2008 than Fey? (Okay, maybe Obama. We'll see in two weeks.)


I wonder if her back will be ~exposed~.