7 Irritatingly Glamourous Celebrity Home Theatres

7 Irritatingly Glamourous Celebrity Home Theatres

Revealed! Ever wondered what world-wide celebrities are packing in their own home theaters? With all the money they’re raking in each year, they have plenty of cash left over after their exotic vacations and daily spa treatments are paid for each month to completely deck-out their home cinema with top-notch home theatre equipment and some awesome added touches as well.

Here’s an inside look at just a few popular celebrity’s homes and what they’ve done to set their home cinema setup apart from the average home.

The White House’s Retro Theatre
The President of the United States has quite a nice little home theatre setup inside of the White House in the nation’s capitol. The 40+ seat theatre was created during the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration in 1942, and it was carved out of an apparently unused (or unnecessary) cloakroom. The so-called “Family Theater” at the White House received a makeover during the Reagan years when the theatre received a stadium seating upgrade. A recent renovation in 2004 redesigned much of the décor of the theatre to resemble an early 20th century movie theatre. This theatre is decked-out with Snell Acoustics speakers, which are some of the best home theatre speakers on the market.

Ryan Seacrest’s Dream Theatre
Host of ‘American Idol’ Ryan Seacrest must really love watching movies. The screening room inside of his L.A. mansion is fit for a king. It has a 35mm film projector system which projects onto a huge projection screen right next to a comfortable fireplace. Comfort seems to be the theme in this cozy home theatre with comfy sofas and plush seating throughout. The majority of the home theatre equipment is hidden away near the back of the room, and the list of components in this system is far too long to list here! The theatre room has 4 in-wall speakers and 2 in-wall subwoofers all hidden away. The entire system is controlled via 3 Creston 5-inch touch-panels place throughout the house and guesthouse. There’s even a waterproof Creston remote control located at the pool, so that controlling the outdoor music system is quick and easy.

Donnie Wahlberg’s Minimalist Theatre
Actor Donnie Wahlberg’s minimalist home cinema in Southern California is very simple in its design and ease-of-use. The actor wanted to small, cozy place to watch movies with his family, and the relatively small garage at his home was a perfect place to make this happen. The theatre features seating for four, a 92-inch fixed projection screen, a JVC DLP projector, and Sonance 7.1 surround sound with a Velodyne HGS-15 powered subwoofer. The entire system is controlled by a 6.5-inch in-wall Elan Via! touchpanel. This theatre exemplifies simplicity and sophistication all wrapped into one awesome room.

Jerry Rice’s Family Theatre
Former NFL football great Jerry Rice showed-off his San Francisco home’s awesome home cinema last year for all to see. From a fully stocked snack bar to a 10,000 watt sound system, this home theatre has got it all. The projector is a Vidikron Vision One which projects onto a huge 123-inch Stewart projection screen. The entire setup is controlled with an AMX 10-inch touchpanel control unit. The warm décor and comfortable CineLounger chairs add a cozy touch to this 30 x 25-foot home theatre. Jerry’s entire setup cost him approximately $200,000 – a drop in the hat to this guy’s checkbook!

Penn Jillete’s Magical Home Cinema
Penn Jillete is one half of the world-famous Penn & Teller illusion act which currently performs at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The magician has quite an odd taste when it comes to design and architecture, but it definitely fits his personality. This magic man’s quirky attitude matches the design of his colorful home cinema. This theatre consists of two rows of bright red and yellow reclining sofas, a Runco projector, 96-inch Stewart projection screen, and even a full-size stage behind the screen for playing music. This theatre is truly more of a playroom than a sophisticated home theatre – something his young daughter most definitely enjoys!

Ann Harding’s Historic Screening Room
Here’s a little Hollywood history lesson for you. Ann Harding was a famous Hollywood actress from 1929 to 1956 appearing in more than 50 films. Back in those days, people had screening rooms rather than home theatres. This particular screening room (circa 1934) was owned by Ann Harding, and it consisted of two 35mm projectors positioned 60ft. from the screen, a 20ft. wide projection screen, and an electronic stage curtain. Each one of the 35mm projectors cost $10,000, which back in those days was a lot of money!

50 Cent’s Ridiculous Pad
Rapper Curtis Jackson III, aka. 50 Cent, purchased a 48,000-square-foot home in Connecticut back in 2003, and it just happened to be the former home of boxer Mike Tyson. This gigantic home features an incredible movie theatre with plenty of room for 50’s posse to hang-out and catch a flick. Inside of his movie theatre, he has access to over 3,000 movies with the touch of a button on the touchpanel control pad. His master bedroom is even more crazy with not one, but two huge HDTV setups - I guess he needs to be able to watch TV from every angle?! Nevertheless, this spectacular 53-room pad went on the market for about $18 million in 2007, and one lucky person will get all of its spoils.


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