As usual, Speidi is hard at work humiliating and making a spectacle of themselves for our amusement

Speidi: We will be the next Brangelina!

Brangelina: LMFAO

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt – The New Brangelina?

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have become one of the most controversial couples in Hollywood but can this delusional duo even begin to compare themselves to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? They seem to think so.

That’s right, the reality TV couple who have been riding on the coat tail of The Hills main star Lauren Conrad, claim they will become the next Brangelina. I wouldn’t bet my hard-earned cash on that.

What’s worse than the mind numbingly boring couple comparing themselves to one of the most iconic couples in the world? The thought that Speidi might actually be thinking of pro-creating, that’s what.

Pratt told E! News that he not only wants to adopt children but would also like to have biological babies of his own. Gasp.

“I think I’d rather adopt than have kids. There are so many kids that need homes,” he begins. But don’t underestimate this self-proclaimed businessman; he plans to do it all.

“I wanna do both. We’ll pull an Angelina and Brad and have a whole clan.”

And as though my head didn’t hurt enough after hearing the news, Heidi had to throw her two cents in.

“We'd be so lucky to have a clan like that. I used to want to be a missionary [in Africa]. That’s something I’ve always really wanted to do. Go to the U.N. for

World Hunger and really, you know, not just go there for a safari, but go there to actually help.”

Sounds like something Angelina Jolie would say, right? Come on Heidi, get a grip.

Heidi’s comments don’t even begin to deserve a response but, because we’re feeling a little fiery today, we’ll give her one anyways.

Heidi, here’s a tip from the clan at TF:

Maybe if you spent some of your not-so-well-earned money actually helping children and donating to charities (instead of getting your knockers enlarged, your nose fixed and God-only knows how many lip injections), people might actually consider you to be a respectable person instead of a money-hungry you-know-what. Just a thought.

According to sources, Speidi made a whopping 3 million dollars last year alone. I’d like to see how much of that money went to charities.

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