celebs with bad skin

i was feeling down about how bad my skin looks and was reminded that even FAMOUS ppl have acne and facial scars. just fyi- i'm not hating or lulzing at these folk, just showing that even celebs can have shitty skin and go out in public with ~confidence~...

besides being worthless AND having herpes, paris also had acne

posh scored that queen beckham even with acne

back when riri had her original nose she had some pimples too

pitt and jolie both have acne scarring if you look closely (she has 3 visiable pock marks that i noticed in 'wanted'. brad was a crag face as we saw in 'fight club'. plus keep in mind that he had mad dermabrasion from the master dr y)

pitt in 1993 pulling the ol' trick of covering-up-your-face-with-hair-to-distract-from-the-acne

winehouse, no doubt due to drug use

britney back when she only drank fraps and ate cheetos

cameron diaz has both sun damage and has notoriously persistent acne. she should know by now that tanning doesnt help...

dane cook is known for his acne scarred face.

i always heard that liz hurley had bad acne scars but could never find pics of it. took me a while to find a picture showing her marks. and keep in mind, shes probably had a ton of work done on them over the years.

walking venereal disease

keira has been rumored to have her acne digitally taken out on one of the pirates movies. shes still stunning ngl

alicia keys before she took accutane, er... i mean proactiv

the one that groped david silver in public

model valentina zalayeva

naomi watts before airbrushing


nicole ritchie once dissed cam diaz for her skin. she shouldnt talk


drug addict/musician

jesse mccartney is probably a douche but i feel his pain

aaron's party (come and get it.. meth)

feel free to add pics of ppl i may have forgotten and just feel confident walking out with a zit if these folk can

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