Queen Latifah To Adopt?

There are reports that Queen Latifah (real name Dana Elaine Owens) and her long time partner Jeanette Jenkins are planning on adopting a baby at the end of the year.

A source told the National Enquirer that they “are hoping to have a little one by Christmas, they’re trying to keep it quiet because they don’t want to jinx the whole thing.”

But unlike other stars, 38-year-old Latifah has said numerous times she would adopt a baby in the U.S.

Earlier this year she said, “I can understand why people go outside the U.S. You can adopt someone here, and the birth parents have three years to come back and get that child. That’s terrifying, [American children] can use just as much assistance as someone from around the world. I want to do something here.”

She added, “I’ve always wanted to have [children] and adopt. When I was little, I remember seeing TV shows and a child would be adopted and be happy. I just always felt like there are so many kids out there who need a parent.”

There is also reports the couple want to get married now it is legal in California, although they never officially announced they are a couple.