12:57 pm - 08/19/2008

Mad Men Playboy shoot

marciaelena from madmen_tv uploaded these shots of Vincent Kartheiser, Bryan Batt, Aaron Staton, Michael Gladis, and Rich Sommer for Playboy (bunnies and all!) and they're sooooo pretty I figured I'd try posting them here.

Hoping to see this show kick some serious Emmy ass!
ETA: and I don't really know a lot about Playboy or anything but I guess I saw the trashy jank bunnies as being a foil for how ~classy~ the Sterling Cooper boys look. Also, you know their characters (save for Sal) would looooove those chicks.

Source: madmen_tv
isummonyou 19th-Aug-2008 05:34 pm (UTC)
That was my favorite part! haha I can't BELIEVE they all (especially Don!) let him walk in wearing those without even ONE snarky comment.
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