Kanye West Eating at California Pizza Kitchen in Oahu, Hawaii.

(This is my first posting, and first celebrity sighting! I hope it's newsworthy.)

My boyfriend and I live in Honolulu, Hawaii and frequent Kahala Mall. It's a small, one level mall just outside of Waikiki. A friend of mine works at California Pizza Kitchen there, so we visit often and grab dinner.

Around 8:00 pm (Hawaii time), we asked about the wait and the host said it would be 30 - 40 minutes. As our pager rang, a group of four guys came ahead of us. When they asked for a table, they were told they would be seated right away and could wait at the bar until they cleared something off. It was then that I realized it was Kanye West (and three friends?)! So they sat at the bar, and the other three men ordered a beer. Kanye asked the bartender where the bathroom was and left. When he came back, the waiter said they could seat them right away. Kanye asked if the table was in the back. The waiter said it was, and he seemed pleased (I guess he didn't want to be seen).

As luck would have it, we were seated at the booth behind him! He was seated facing my booth, and I was seated facing his, so I could see everything. He was wearing a black polo, jeans and black sunglasses that he kept on the entire time. He also had a red handkerchief that hanging out of his back pocket, and white sneakers.

When they sat down, his friends ordered another beer, but Kanye just drank water. Then they all ordered soup. Kanye didn't look over the menu, but they all ordered together (appetizers and different pizza and it looked like they all shared it). As he was eating, a little boy asked for his autograph on a California Pizza Kitchen pizza box. I couldn't hear what Kanye said, but he shook his head and the boy left. Ten minutes later, the same boy came back with a napkin and Kanye signed it. So I guess he just didn't want to sign the CPK box?

Then a group of five girls went up to his table and asked for his autograph and he signed one, but then said he was done signing autographs and didn't want to take any pictures. He called the manager over to his table and I believe he was telling him he wanted to be left alone while eating.

After about 30 minutes, they paid the tab and left. I asked the waiter if he was a good tipper and he said he tipped "very well" and that he paid with his American Express Black card. He said it was made of thick metal and pretty heavy. When Kanye and his group left, Kanye told the waiter he wanted to exit out of a back door. There was a door in between his table and mine that said it was a fire exit, but they opened it for him.

I'm still not sure why he was in Oahu, much less Kahala Mall (it's a more local mall, somewhat far from the hotels of Waikiki or North Shore), but the waiter said a few celebrities have come to the restaurant because they like the privacy of smaller malls, and that Kanye was the nicest celebrity he had ever served. Pretty surprising when you consider he was the same guy who freaked out about being snubbed at the MTV VMA's. But nice to know he was pleasant and polite.

I did some research on why he might be in Hawaii and found this article that said he arrived here a couple days ago to work on his new album. I'm not sure how credible the web site is, and I don't think I've ever heard of celebrities coming to Hawaii to record, but maybe that means I'll be spotting him around town more often?

... I had my heart set on running into Barack Obama while he was visiting family in Oahu, but today was the last day of his trip and I haven't run into him yet :(

source: me being at the right place at the right time and hawaiitopia