Of Course He's a Douche... He's Friends with Gummi!

Sleazy Has a New Name

So you just get the news that a really good friend of yours has died. You walk into a room for privacy. What to do? Grieve? Reflect? No, if you're the star of Bravo's "Million Dollar Listing," you get on the horn to score the listing on the dead guy's home.

Josh Flagg, the punk who was just busted for allegedly stealing expensive paintings from the estates he was selling, is one of the show's stars. In the first episode of season two, Josh's pal, legendary Hollywood publicist Jay Bernstein, had just passed away. That's when Josh did what he does best ... operate without soul.

And under the category "takes one to know one" -- during another part of the show, Josh and his pal, Jason "Gummy Bear" Davis, talked about faking their own deaths to see who would show up to the funerals, so they could judge who their "real friends" are.

We're guessing a phone booth could more than handle the guests.


Did anyone else have no idea that he was busted for stealing art from houses he had listed? Doesn't surprise me at all, though.