Girlicious and Danity Kate are different

Tiffanie of Girlicious posted a Myspace blog about being compared Danity Kane.

"SO... i just wanted to clear somethings up....

we GLG (GirLicious Girls) check youtube to get the feedback of what people are saying about our music, and the majority of it is good things. but some of it is a comparison of us to another group.

so lets break it downnnn....

girlicious and danity kane are different. it's okay to be fans of both groups. seriously. i have the dk album and i love it. i have the girlicious album and i love it. our genre of music is completely different. we have urban music and they have pop music. the only thing we have in common is that we are both multi racial girl groups. other than that we're the opposite. we dress different. act different. look different. our musics different. sound different. we're just different all together. don't get me wrong though i think dk is great. but to clear the record and i think i can speak for both groups when i say we're different. :)




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