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McFly: 'Rod drew willies on our passports'

McFly have claimed that Rod Stewart defaced their passports with rude drawings.

The boyband said they once shared a private jet with the Scottish rocker after performing a concert in Ireland.

"I met him through a friend and had dinner with him and just said hi and he's a really nice guy," commented Danny. "I was doing a gig in Ireland and he offered us a lift back on the jet."

The guitarist continued: "He said that he needed our passports, he took our passports off us and drew rude things over our heads."

Singer Tom Fletcher added: "We had to get new ones."

McFly perform on Vodafone TBA on August 10 at 1.25pm on T4.


what do you think, ONTD? Funny or just immature?
Im not gonna lie, I chuckled slightly.

woah i just found that passports cost £72. Uh.. well at least they can say that their faces have been defaced by Rod Stewart?
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