Adrianne Curry blogs: The Abortion debate-ProChoice or ProLife?

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Yep, I'm going there. My last blog brought up quite the abortion debate. I myself am pro-choice. There are thousands of babies that people dont want, get abused, and turn out to be the scum of the earth when they grow up. Why should we add to that? I personally believe that until the central nervous system develops, it is NOT killing a baby. It doesn't even look like a baby by then. Just an alien blob! I am lucky because I have never, nor will I ever be faced with the desicion of abortion (unless I am raped). However, just because I personally would never make that decision for myself, who am I or anyone else to tell another what they should do? I do cringe at the thought of a more developed fetus getting the ax...but from personal experience, i don't remember anything about the womb or my birth. in fact, I don't remember anything till I was 3 or 4!
I personally like McCain's view on things. He doesn't believe in birth control to keep women from wanting abortions. However, he does believe in keeping cocks hard everywhere to produce more children people dont want!

I know everyone loves to jump up on their high horse and claim that their opinion is the correct one. That is NOT what I am looking for. Are you pro-choice or pro-life, and why? I believe we can all have opinions, but we have no right to tell each other what we should or should not do. Discuss


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