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21 Mistakes Found in the Dark Knight or Things to Look Out For on Your 9234937 Viewing

Continuity: When Harvey Dent loses his face and is lying in the hospital bed, when he's turned with the damaged side against the pillow, we can see the inside of the side of his mouth which should be damaged, but it's fully intact. Then when he turns it's suddenly burned away.

Continuity: On the prisoner's ferry, supposedly just before midnight, the prisoner stands up to take the detonator from the guard. As he stands up, the clock shows it's roughly 11:30/11:35. Then his body covers the clock and he moves forward. When you see the clock again, it shows it's just before midnight.

Revealing: During the end of the car chase, when the Joker is out of his truck and Batman is on the Batpod coming towards him, you can see a store sign that reads "Chicago Supply".

Continuity: When Bruce Wayne is talking to Alfred while having his arm stitched, in shots from the side he's looking downwards, but in other shots he's looking up towards Alfred.

Other: In the scene where Joker is goading the one guard until the guard can no longer control himself: each time the Joker is shown goading him, there is a large piece of glass on the window ledge behind the Joker. It is really obvious, and makes it easy to guess what is about to happen. This piece of glass is much thicker than any of the other shattered pieces of glass on the ledge.

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