Warning: This post is full of recent bad photos of people we care/d about.  And everyone has a bad day, but DAMN!

Evangeline Lilly - WTF?! (source)

Re: all the comments. You really think she looks good in this photo? Not necessarily UGLY (I was stumped for a topic for this post, sorry, geez), but it's a bad photo of her. And I agree, she's normally very pretty. Here, she's not.

Jason Mewes (Jay of Kevin Smith movies, aka: Jay of Jay and Silent Bob) (source)

Ed Norton (no problems here) and Lou Ferrigno... lactating?! (source) Seriously, how can you not notice and not run away crying/leaving. I don't care if you're The Hulk or not!!!!!

The 1st Becky from Roseanne. (source)

And the other lost Roseanne child: DJ. (He's not bad, just a bit guido)