15 Pics of Our Favorite Couple Vacationing in Mexico


Here's Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt doing some make-up canoodling during a Mexican getaway. 

The romantic vacation inspired the pair to do more than just sip bubbly in their swimsuits, Heidi says in a recent Us Weekly interview. 

'I'm ready to marry Spencer.  He's my soulmate,' the blonde bombshell dishes of plans to reconsider the white wedding she once gave up on sharing with her sometimes immature boyfriend.

According to Spencer, who has been hard at work winning back his ex, he's changed his ways for round two of their engagement. 

'Heidi read me biblical passages like "honor thy wife,"' the lookalike blonde beau says. 

In their full Us Magazine interview, Heidi and Spencer dish on their new compromise, the fighting/loving/drama you didn't see on The Hills, and what kind of bling Heidi wants in a ring.

Check out the lovebirds' new website, Speidiweb.com - where users can become members, take polls, browse media, and read blogs written by Heidi and Spencer.  All the more evidence that these two really are 'masters of celebrity culture.'