ask kim!

as we all know, Kim loves her fans. she recently posted a blog answering a few questions from her fans. Here are a few of the hard-hitting questions & answers.

Daniel says:
How tall is Khloe Kardashian? I'm 6'6''

Khloe is 5'10".

December says:
Love your show! Your family is really entertaining and supportive of eachother. What's with some of the nasty comments on this website? And the creepy guys? If you don't like it don't look! geez:)

What I have realized is that along with the good, comes the bad. People love to hate and be nasty. They are very judgmental online; I doubt half of the haters would act like that if they saw me in person. I gues you have to have a positive attitude about it! Hate is the new love??
lol ia girl. but haters gon hate

Nira says:
You have said on your show that you do not drink, any particular reason why? My friends and I are curious.

There is no fancy reason for why I don't drink alcohol. I simply hate the taste! I really can't stomach it. I might drink once a year on a special occasion. I am still recovering from last Memorial Day weekend. The smell to this day makes me want to barf! It's funny that it seems so odd to people that I don't drink. They all assume I'm sober or had a drinking problem. Nope, I just hate the taste. I never was a drinker.

I'm the same height as Khloe and I love it. Where my tall girls at?

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