Simon Predicts The ~Two Davids~ Will be in "Idol" Finale

Simon Cowell Predicts the "American Idol" Finale

There is no doubt in Simon Cowell's mind that this year's "American Idol" finale will be a competition between the two Davids -- David Archuleta and David Cook -- he indicated at a press conference to promote this summer's "America's Got Talent," on which he is the creator/executive producer.

"You're going to have a real scrap," he predicts. "The winner will really depend on what song they sing on the night."

That said, he also admits that "American Idol" is also a popularity contest and that, "David Cook has got the better voice and David Archuleta has got the teen and grandma appeal."

As for Syesha Mercado -- the last woman standing, and someone who has consistently been in the bottom two, but has been saved each week -- Simon says, "If I was a betting man, I wouldn't put my money on her. She is a good singer. She is solid. She will be very happy with where's she got. For me, I just haven't had that incredible moment from her yet."

That just leaves Jason Castro, who has had some great moments and, more recently, some not so great. Simon thinks that looks play a big part in Jason's success: "If he looked like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, he still wouldn't be in the competition, would he?" he suggests.

The "American Idol" finale begins on Tuesday, May 20 with the next "American Idol" named on Wednesday, May 21 on FOX. Then "America's Got Talent" premieres on Tuesday, June 17 at 9 p.m. on NBC.