The girl at the centre of Steven Gerrard threats reveal all

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By Keith Gladdis

A BLONDE beauty last night told how she was the centre of a terrifying love tug between England star Steven Gerrard and a violent gangster nicknamed Psycho.

Lauren Ashcroft came forward to reveal SHE was the reason jealous Liverpool mobster George Bromley Junior made death threats against the soccer ace.

It happened because Gerrard kept on flirting with her after they'd broken up...and her new gangster boyfriend became insanely jealous.

Chilling details of Bromley's two-year vendetta—in which frightened Gerrard had to be given police protection—emerged in a court case last week.

But breaking her five-year silence on the nightmare, 22-year-old Lauren said the feud had ruined her life.

"None of it was my fault but it just won't go away however much I want it to—only yesterday someone said to me ‘I don't know if you are a footballer's Wag or a gangster's moll'.

"I don't want to be either. And I can't be held responsible for someone else's jealousy."

In an outspoken interview Lauren—15 at the time it all happened—tells how smitten midfielder Gerrard PURSUED her after their teenage romance had ended.

She tells how she felt ABANDONED by the star AND his club who left her to cope with the anger of Liverpool fans who blamed her when Bromley started hounding their hero.

And she SLAMS Gerrard's wife Alex Curran's WAG lifestyle— claiming he would have been far better off staying with her instead of "living in misery".

Lauren's ordeal began in 2001 when her romance with the then 19-year-old Gerrard ended and she had briefly dated local villain Bromley, also 19 at the time.


His notorious father Bromley Senior was gunned down during a gangland feud in November 2003. And George—now in jail for Class A drugs offences—was following in his footsteps as part of a mob of torturers notorious for BURNING their victims with a red-hot iron.

Hospital worker Lauren said: "Steve and me stayed friends even after we split up. He would still ring or pop in for a cup of tea.

"Sometimes if he'd had a drink he would phone and say ‘You want to get back with me' and ‘What would you be doing now if you hadn't split with me'.

"I thought maybe he wanted to pick things up with me."

But news of Gerrard's visits to his old love's home rankled with ‘Psycho' Bromley even though his own relationship with Lauren had ended months earlier.

Bromley's jealousy spilled over into violence in November 2001 when a brick went through the window of Gerrard's £50,000 BMW X5 parked outside her home.

Scared Gerrard immediately broke off contact with Lauren.

She said: "That day ruined it. My relationship with Steve as a friend stopped. I was devastated because we got on so well, even as mates."

But Bromley's campaign of hatred began in earnest. He made death threats against the star, threatened to blow Gerrard's KNEECAPS off, challenged him to a fist FIGHT and even AMBUSHED him outside his luxury home in Southport, Merseyside.

Bromley's vendetta escalated when the thug threatened Gerrard's new girlfriend Alex. The terrified star was forced to fortify his £3million Crosby mansion with 12ft high iron gates and hi-tech CCTV cameras.

It only ended when Gerrard's dad Paul brought in gangland enforcer John Kinsella, 43, to "deal" with Bromley Jnr—a revelation that emerged last week during Kinsella's robbery trial at Lincoln Crown Court.

Lauren reckons Gerrard and Alex Curran must be unhappy at the revelations that once again give fans the impression they have links with the underworld.

She said: "I don't know why all the gangland stuff has never gone away for Steve. He doesn't want this brought up again and Alex definitely doesn't.

"If it was my husband I would be saying ‘Why is this still carrying on? Why can't we sort it out?' It must drive her mad."

Lauren believes Gerrard is miserable enough as it is—just being married to Alex. She said she would never have become a tracksuit-wearing Wag if she had gone on to marry her childhood sweetheart.

She said: "Steve just doesn't appear the fun-loving lad I remember him as. He looks MISERABLE. You can see he is not the person he was. He looks like he's got the weight of the world on his shoulders.

"It's heartbreaking for him. He is loyal, he just wants a family life. I would be a very different wife. I wouldn't be a Wag. I would be a stay-at-home mum and wife."

Lauren has fond memories of her down-to-earth teenage relationship with Gerrard. She laughed: "He was a real romantic, for our first date he took me to his dad's local to play pool. He had a great sense of humour."

While they were dating he would spend as much time as he could with Lauren even if that meant sitting with her at the sunbed shop where she worked.

Lauren said: "I was there three days a week and at weekends and he'd just come and sit with me.

"I never felt like a Wag, I never looked at him like he was a big star footballer—but then again he never behaved like that."

They split after three months. "He was away a lot and I was still at school so we thought it was better if we were just mates," said Lauren.

"Then all that gangland stuff happened. I wish it never had."

And this week the court case has opened old wounds for Lauren. She said: "The latest stuff has been a bolt out of the blue. I go out now and people point at me saying ‘There's that girl from the gangland love triangle'.

"I hate the fact that my name is linked to all this gangland stuff. It's nothing to do with me."

It reminds her of how she felt abandoned by Gerrard and the club when the vendetta first became known in Liverpool. "I thought too much of Steve then to talk to the papers about what happened," said Lauren. "But when it got out I went straight to Liverpool FC to tell them what was happening.

"I wanted Steve to know I hadn't spoken about what had happened. But again I didn't have any contact from him. Not even a phone call.

"When he needed it he got all the protection on offer. He had a big club around him.

"But when I needed it I didn't get anything. I was left to cope alone with just my mother behind me."

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she's actually pretty cute, but i guarantee she wouldn't be looking like that if she was his wag. even alex curran didn't start out looking like alex curran.

and this is a lot more interesting than cashley cole and his sperm containment problems, tbh.

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