Mariah To Guest Judge American Idol, Discusses 'Polish'ing Last Few Tracks of New Album

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Mariah Carey is coming to American Idol this week. The bestselling female pop star of the last two decades will show those kids how it’s done, no doubt, and maybe even give comment on some of that singing

(Although, to this ear, Amanda Overmeyer already knows what to do!)

Mariah’s “AI” appearance is part 2 of her well-constructed campaign to promote her new CD, “E=MC2” which hits stores on April 15th. Remember? I gave you a preview of the CD a few weeks ago. Last night on “Saturday Night Live,”

Carey—a quick substitute for the fluish Janet Jackson—performed her current single, “Touch My Body” and her next one, “Migrate,” featuring T Pain with aplomb. The album is loaded with singles possibilities, so two before the album’s release date is no prob.

I visited with Mariah backstage after “SNL” last night, and here are some tidbits I picked up. For one thing, as you could see on the show, she looks amazing. She told us she’s lost 20 pounds after a rigorous diet and exercise plan. Last night, she cheated a little bit on the limo ride up to NBC, though. “Don’t tell anyone, but I had two bits of a piece of Sicilian pizza. I had to have sustenance!” Her trainer, I hope, will forgive her.

In addition to “American Idol,” Mariah is back in Los Angeles this week to finish the all important song sequencing of “E=MC2” and to polish up one or two tracks that are just, almost, not quite finished. “There are three songs you didn’t hear, I think,” Carey said of my early listening session. “You’re going to love one of them especially. It’s very old school R&B.”

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