Marky Ramone Condoms? Sure, Why Not?

Warning: The use of Marky Ramone condoms may result in an increase in speed and an endurance time of two minutes or less.
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Did you know that last week was National Condom Week? (Not that the other 51 weeks shouldn't be spent with the safety and security of your crotch area in mind.) To commemorate this special occasion, onetime Ramones drummer Marky Ramone has teamed with safe sex education company Ready Two Go to unveil a series of "safer sex kits" to help promote the "cool, hip" (and, of course, disease-free) way to make your blitzkrieg bop and your gabba gabba hey.

What do you get with each kit, you hesitantly inquire? Why, a couple jimmy hats, some lube, and an STD resource card, packed in a discreet Marky Ramone-themed tin with the motto "Too Tuff to Break" emblazoned on top. Available in black or silver! And, as Ready Two Go reminds us, the tins are easily refillable with "coins, pills, cigarettes, stash, mints, gum."

Added bonus: Every 1,000th customer wins a free pair of Marky Ramone signature drum sticks! And 10% of net proceeds go to CitiWide Harm Reduction.

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When Marky's not making the world safe for hot punk lust, he's spreading the seeds of rock'n'roll to far-off places like the Canary Islands and the United Arab Emerates. And, of course, there's Marky Ramone's "Punk Rock Blitzkrieg", a show for you fancies with your Sirius radios.

Marky Ramone:

02-29 Telde, Canary Islands - Juan Ramon Jimenez Theater
03-01 Tenerife, Canary Islands - Centro Civio La Laguna
03-08 Dubai, United Arab Emerates - Desert Rock Festival


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