American Idol contestant has ties to Britney Spears

So I'm watching American Idol tonight, and I hear them say "Robbie Carrico". Feeling like I've heard this name somewhere, I turned to look and I see this guy :

So I realize, this guy used to be in a band called Boyz N Girlz United (SO CHEESY, I KNOW) back in the late 90s, early 2000's. I saw them on tour a couple times, most notably "The All That Music and More Fest" which had bands like LFO and other random boy bands, along with the cast of ALL THAT from Nickelodeon.  I was obsessed with this guy Robbie, supposedly he was Justin Timberlake's cousin but I don't think that's true. Anyways, they looked like this:

Back in like 2000, people said he was dating Britney Spears. Funny where she is now and where he is (auditioning for American Idol!) Should've stuck with Britney, lol.....

I have lots of pics of him and of me with him, but they're at my mom's house so I will post them later or tomorrow if I can find them. Don't know if this is interesting to anybody but I thought it was craaaazay! My fellow middle school boy band obsessers would like this I think, haha.

Source: Me and My TV

UPDATE: Ok, so just for ONTD I went over to my mom's house and dug through about 34985985 pictures. I found pics of No authority, 98*, EYC, some guy from All That, and this guy. But I couldn't find the one of me with him:(  ENJOY!! lulz

Robbie is in this first pic. The second is me and No Authority (HAHAHA) and the last one was me and some guy from a band called "Mytown"

This one has the band EYC, me and Josh Server from ALL THAT, and No Authority again:

Finally, I went to meet 98* before their concert one day:

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