A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila's Amanda Ireton XXX Interview...

Here's an exclusive RATED XXX interview with A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila's Amanda Ireton... she spoke about EVERYTHING... and some quotes will truly SHOCK YOU... I don't lie when I say XXX...

How did you first know you were a lesbian??

When I was little I would secretly look at my Grandmothers stash of Playboys under her bathroom sink…yeah I said grandMOTHER!!!!

Did A Shot At Love change your views on anything??

Yeah, that height is all relative. I'm like 5'9", in LA I'm a freaking dwarf, next to Tila I look like attack of the 50ft woman!

Tell us a secret about Tila that nobody else knows...

She has two pussies….wait no three!!!! (two Siamese, one calico lol). Actually she's an open book, like I am….no secrets!

What have you been doing since the show??

Bitches…lots of bitches. LOL! Actually, I got my boobs redone (they're really nice!) I've been traveling around the world (I just got back from Thailand, where I met a bunch of Canadians, actually). I've been doing appearances, some TV stuff, and just enjoying life!

Could I get you to switch teams??
If I could see you, I'd probably do you…I mean I'm pretty open minded. You know what F**k it, why don't you round up all your buddies, and we'll just do this thing, lol! Wait are you over eighteen……cause I've gotten myself into trouble with that one, more than once.

If you were straight- which one of the boys on the show would you have dated and why?

DANI. lmao!!! Oh wait Bobby, but only if he's wearing my clothes!!!

Do you think you and Brandi would have ever dated? Is she your type?

Wouldn't that be awesome jerk off material for the world lol! I hate to crush everyone's fantasies, but Brandi is like a little sister to me. She's totally beautiful inside and out, but it would feel a little incestual. Wait some of you like that huh…you totally have my permission to put it in your spank banks

Who was your favourite person to room with on the show?

I'm such a douche bag I really loved everyone. I got closest to Brandi, I really love her, she is real and has a huge heart!. I loved Michael B (aka mama's Boy), he's a really amazing person, and Dominico and Ashley are my Boys, I fucking love them. I miss sleeping next to them..how creepy huh!

Describe to me your perfect date...

Three hours of "YOU'RE SO PRETTY, YOU'RE SO PRETTY, YOU'RE SO PRETTY!" No, I am actually pretty dorky, and traditional. It's really nice to be picked up, and get flowers, and be taken to dinner. I like surprises too! A picnic at the beach is really great. I love the beach!

Well, “You’re Pretty” haha, so where on your body is a weak spot that just turns you on now that I know what to say to get you goin’??

I'll give you a hint…It's about three inches up, with a slight curve in the road! No for reals though…there's a place on my shoulder blade that I love to have kissed!

Why do you think Tila didn't pick you (hence givin’ the rest of the world a chance at you)??

"It wasn't me..it was her." No I'm kidding, we just connected on more of a platonic level. I don't think either of us felt that raw passion for each other.

What's the craziest thing you've ever done??

Episode 6… the one where I ate cock and balls…lol. God if I went into crazy shit I've done we'd be here forever!!!!

Have you ever been to the great white north aka Canada??

What's that!!! Oh Canada… Yeah but only to Vancouver, I was like eight, in an RV, on a road trip, ewe. I really, really want to check it out now thought. I want to see all of your major cities. I freaking love Canadians. Well who doesn't..you guys are the freaking poster children for the universe. I am currently doing a publicity tour…so HOLLA lmao!!!

Pick a team - Toronto Maple Leafs or Montreal Canadians??

Mmmm maple leaves… I love syrup…Wait is that Hockey, cause hockey is hot!!!!

Good choice!! It seems everyone has fake breasts these days... why do you think??

I think the whole freaking world should be made of silicon… No, I love real boobs too! In Fact I kinda prefer them, I already have a pair of fake ones…it's like the best of both worlds.

How can your fans get in contact with you and where will you be in the near future??

My phone number is…No, seriously though here is my REAL myspace page address, there seems to be A LOT of confusion about that. (www.myspace/msk1tty) I'll have lists of appearances, comedy shows, and charity events for people to attend! And I'm always posting some whorey new photos, so come by, and leave me comments 

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