Celebrities Undressed by Kat Giantis

No,  it's nothing that's NSFW - it's just a fashion article.   

Extreme Makeover: Holmes Edition

We've heard it a lot in recent days: Katie Holmes, fashion icon. But just because something is said over and over again doesn't make it true (e.g. Paris Hilton, philanthropist). Now, with comparisons to Jackie O (the face-eating sunglasses) and Vogue overlord Anna Wintour (the laser-cut bob, although is anyone else seeing Edna Mode from "The Incredibles"? Must just be us) flying fast and spuriously, it seems a good time to point out that on her last birthday, Mrs. Tom Cruise turned 29, which makes her a bit dewy for icon status. It also means she's far too young to wander out in public in a standard issue fuzzy grandma robe and post-cataract sunglasses. We don't know if Katie's in-progress transformation from fresh-faced starlet into high-society grande dame is designed to make her appear more age-appropriate for her appreciably older hubby, but soon she'll be bordering on cougar territory, which, to use her favorite superlatives, is neither "magical" nor "amazing." (James Devaney/WireImage.com)

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