Top 10 ugliest actresses?

A list was posted of the top 10 ugliest men in Hollywood, so I think it's fitting that we post a top 10 ugliest women in Hollywood.  And in no particular order, Here they are:

Camryn Manheim- How did she get past an audition? Who thought to themselves, "Oh yeah.  I could see her doing movies.  She'd be great as someone's love interest."  No.  She would not. 

Jessica Biel-  Now there's no denying that this chick has a banging body, but her face is less than stellar.  Even on a good day, she still looks like she takes too many steroids and has been sleeping on her face all night.

Calista Flockhart- Ok.  So Harrison Ford obviously sees some sort of endearing characteristic in this ug.  But let's be honest here: when you think of the one actress that you want to look like (or bang, for that matter) is Calista in your top 10? Top 100?  I thought not.

Jodie Foster-  I'm not judging people on talent here.  Jodie Foster is a great actress.  And she's been in Hollywood for a long time.  But that doesn't mean that she's a great beauty, does it?

Mischa Barton-  Again, I'm not basing this list on talent because I'm pretty sure Mischa is not in anyone's top anything acting wise.   She, however, is not really an attractive girl.  She's only 21 and already has thick bags under her eyes.  That can't bode well for the future, can it?

Renee Zellweger-  Oh Renee.  What are we to do with you?  I think you could be pretty.  Maybe.  You're face just always looks so bloated, while the rest of you looks so malnourished.  Please do something about this, ASAP. 

Julia Roberts-  Weird Nose.  Big Ears.  Crazy Big Mouth.  She must have slept with a few casting directors in her time.

Rosie O'Donnell-  Alright, so she's no great actress and has only been in a few things, but I think she counts.  I bet a lot of people told her that she had an "outstanding personality" when she was younger.  Oh and Rosie,  that's codeword for: you're not attractive.

Penelope Cruz-  She has beautiful hair. She really does.  Oh and she has a really great body.  And maybe if her features were spaced out a little, instead of crammed into the bottom inch of her face, she would be absolutely gorgeous.  But I just don't see it. 

Sandra Oh-  Now you can argue with me about the other ones and I might concede that you're right, but I will not back down about this one.  Sandra Oh is a facial train wreck.   I bet she was told she was breathtaking when she was young.

oh and by the by, these are all just my opinion.  Please feel free to disagree.  You've never had a problem before!