The 10 Ugliest Actors in Hollywood

Here are the ten most visually challenged (i.e., ugly) male actors currently plying their trade in Hollywood. Most, but not all, have carved out a successful niche within an industry obsessively focused on youth and physical attributes, and as such, warrant the attention (or ridicule – it's a fine line). In the event that you feel guilty about laughing at any of these images or quips, please remember: these actors are all probably millionaires – or at least they once were – and they continue to make a living in the public domain. In other words, laughing is not only justified, but potentially therapeutic.

Paul Giamatti: Most people might not know his name, but Paul Giamatti has established a lucrative Hollywood career by believably portraying “real-life” people in films like Sideways, Cinderella Man, and American Splendor. Unfortunately, he accomplished this feat by looking like a creepy uncle who insists on playing a clandestine game of "touch-and-go-seek" at family get-togethers.

John C. Reilly: I think this guy is just plain unfixable. On the plus side, Mr. Reilly does possess a quality that I've coined as "ugly man charisma" – i.e., despite the receding Soul Glo locks, mush-face, and "sex offender" eyes, I'd probably still want to hug him if we met (P.S. I'm a man).

Steve Buscemi: He has starred in some excellent films (e.g., Fargo, Ghost World, The Big Lebowski, and Trees Lounge), but he's unquestionably a finalist for the Hollywood all-ugly team, and not just because he has a mouthful of teeth that resemble scrapyard metal. I tend to see the offspring of the Grim Reaper and Mr. Potato Head in his face (or a high school poster firmly promoting the use of contraceptives); I can't quite remember which one when I'm blinded by the fog of his unsightliness.

Ron Perlman: He originally played the noble man-beast in Beauty and the Beast, so this is hardly a selection out of left field. Rarely does gigantism and questionable facial hair combine to make a comely actor. On the plus side, he appears to have a "proceeding" hairline.

Mickey Rourke: Ugly on the outside, ugly on the inside

Danny DeVito: This one pretty much writes itself: four-foot-nothing in stature, bald, and overweight (aka the classic triple threat). The one-time Penguin from the Batman franchise is also married to Rhea Pearlman (Carla from Cheers) and has sired three children. **Shudders**

Gary and/or Jake Busey: This father-son acting team, when combined, is a visual dynamo. They're like a couple of haggard scarecrows with oversized chompers. I defy you to stare at either set of teeth and not get dizzy. Oh, and career-wise, Jake recently upped the ante by receiving second billing in Road House 2: Last Call. Nice…

Rob Schneider: This Saturday Night Live alum can be seen in any project associated with Adam Sandler and, more importantly, can also be seen sporting one of the worst-looking hair transplants in Hollywood. I'm assuming he had shoulder hair directly grafted onto his scalp. Seriously folks…we're talking about the tensile strength of cotton candy here.

Nick Nolte: I'm not exactly sure when Nick Nolte went from being a credible actor to a Hawaiian hobo, but I do know that coming down with an acute case of the "crazies" only served to exacerbate this hideous transformation. 

Bill Murray: His face looks like a BMX race track; and solid performances in both the Royal Tenenbaums and Lost in Translation has done little to nothing to change that.