Lily Allen on the January 2008 Cover of GQ (Britain)

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She shed 19 lb in six weeks after being diagnosed with a heart murmur, now Lily Allen is celebrating her slim line physique with a sultry new photo shoot.

The Smile singer makes a smoldering appearance on the cover of this month's GQ magazine.

The outspoken 22-year-old has revealed how her new health regime, which includes intense workouts and dieting, has overhauled her outlook on life too.

She explains how many of her high profile feuds - she has rowed with the members of Girls Aloud among others - were fueled by insecurities about her appearance.

She told the magazine: "A lot of that stuff I said was because I didn't feel confident.

"I felt like, 'Oh God, I'm short, fat, ugly...and I hate all these people who flaunt their beauty'.

"Ever since a kid I've felt like I'm possibly the uncoolest, naffest person ever to walk the earth."

"But I feel great at the moment. I actually don't have one bad thing to say about anything."

Perhaps her new attitude has also been influenced by her new romance - Lily has been dating Ed Simons of The Chemical Brothers for two months and has now decided to set up home with him.

She is in the process of buying a £700,000 pad in trendy Queen's Park, North London, and 37-year-old Ed is to be part of the furniture.

She has revealed: "I'm moving there in January. Ed and I haven't discussed when he'll move in yet, but we both know it will happen.

"I want the house to reflect my personality, so I'll be in total control of the interior design.

"Obviously, I won't be doing any of the actual painting myself – I'll be telling other people what to do."